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PT. AIR SURYA RADIATOR is a National Private Company, established since 1999 with an area of ± 18,000 m² with human resources, Putra and Putri Indonesia, who are competent and experienced in the field of Heat Transfer. Engaged in Fabricating Tools - Heat Transfer Equipment, among others: - Heavy Duty Radiator - Oil Cooler, Inter Cooler & After Cooler - Heat Exchanger - Steam Heater / Dryer, Condensor, Evaporator - Suitable Remote Radiator - Special order Radiator With our commitment, creativity, experience and human resources, we have proven a lot in developing and creating superior products. Our products have been used in the Unitary Territory of the Republic of Indonesia both in Government Agencies such as PT. PLN (Persero), Pertamina, National and Multi National Industries. Contac: 021-8252396


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